Co-Packing and Contract Manufacturing

Definition: A contract packer, or co-packer, is a company that manufactures and packages foods or other products for their clients. To market and distribute, a co-packer works under contract with the hiring company to manufacture food as though the products were manufactured directly by the hiring company.

A co-packer is similar to a contract manufacturer in other industries, such as automotive or aerospace. Co-packing is common used when the producing company doesn't have the packing capacity, machinery, knowledge etc.

Advantages: Greater product visibility, increased management of costs, flexibility and environmental benefits are just some of the benefits food manufacturers can derive from using Bon Foods as your co-packer and contract manufacturer.

Bon Foods can save you money, because we have the expertise, resource and staff in place to produce retail ready consumer goods.

In a recent Contract Packaging survey, highlighted in DHL Supply Chain Matters, 65 percent of respondents who had invested in co-packing said it had increased their business' flexibility, while 62 percent felt it had helped cut costs.

Count on Bon Foods for your quality co-packing, private label and contract manufacturing.