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We love new ideas! Building food based businesses is what we do. Bon Foods give you the ability to expand your line without a major capital investment Let us incubate your brand.


Bon Foods provides co-packing services, custom dry & liquid blending, dry processing, liquid processing, hot pack, contract manufacturing, custom blending, custom milling & grinding, contract beverage manufacturing and more

Food Safety

Bon Foods adheres to GMP and food safety solutions that include HACCP for every production line, current GMP, food safety and food defense trained staff.

Reliable Source

Bon Foods co-packer and co-manufacturer of a wide range of liquid and dry products in the food and supplement industries, ranging from a gram size package to multiple container loads of product, including beverages, sweeteners, sauces, dips, dressing, gravy bases, soup bases, flavors, specialty sugar products, vinegars, syrups and related commodities.

How We Can Help

We help you sell more food products and reduce costs
Custom Dry & Liquid Blending

Bon Foods specializes in liquid and dry custom blending. Whether you are in need of a full blending option, pre- or post-blending outsourcing, or even just repackaging of ingredients; search no further than our accomplished and professional staff.

By blending with us, you can utilize our specialized liquid and dry blending equipment with capabilities of custom blending to your own unique specifications. In addition, you can also take advantage of our experienced quality control team and extensive network of resources.

Custom Milling and Grinding

Bon Foods particle grinding and milling services are useful for a variety of food applications. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility features both media particle grinding and milling equipment. Our media particle grinding and milling equipment is well suited to working sample particles into smaller particles as small as 0.1 micron.

Contract Manufacturing and Co-Packing

Bon Foods co packing services ensure the consistency and quality expected from your food brand is maintained.  Our turnkey co packing solutions include, hot fill and cold fill co packing services at each food manufacturing facility lug and continuous thread caps, mylar or induction sealing, tamper evident banding and more. We give you ability to expand your line without a major capital investment!

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70 Years of Quality Food Experience

Since 1947 Bon Foods has been providing co-packing services which are designed to ensure your products are made right the first time.  We deliver the consistency and quality you expect with your food brand.  Our turnkey co-manufacturing services include but are not limited to:

  • Hot fill and cold fill co packing services at each food manufacturing facility
  • Lug and continuous thread caps, mylar or induction sealing, tamper evident banding
  • Various co packaging options in glass and plastic containers
  • Research and Development Teams at each co packing food facility
  • Gluten Free and All Natural Formula Development when requested
  • Kosher Certified co packing facilities
  • Third party audited manufacturing facilities that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices

Give you the opportunity to expand your line without a major capital investment

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Research and Development Design To Save You Money

Bon Foods is committed to providing you with the technical, culinary, and manufacturing support to take your product from an idea to commercial viability. Bon Foods has a fully staffed team of research and development experts dedicated to help you expand your product line without significant capital investments.

Our recent projects have included sauces, condiments, dips, dressings as well as soup bases, gravy bases marinades and more.  We have also adjusted our standard formulas for ingredients in response to clients’ requests for differing salt levels, pH, and product claims.

Our R and D experts are constantly working to provide:

  •  Up-to-date information regarding new ingredients, technologies, and processes.
  • The ability to develop and co pack new products for chain restaurants, supermarkets, and clients who do not have the specific equipment for manufacturing hot fill and cold fill processes.
  • Insight into consumer trends to develop new clean label products or improve upon existing recipes.
  • Product processes geared towards food product safety, quality, and consistency.
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