Make Bon Foods  your reliable co-packer and co-manufacturer for your liquid and dry food products.

About Us

Bon Foods was founded in 1947 by Paul Le Vasseur Bonneau as a manufacturer and contract packager of food grade and industrial bulk gravy, soup and sauce bases. In 1975 the company embarked on a plan to further expand into vapor distilled water, contract manufacturing and logistics in the food industry. In 2014, Bon Foods acquired additional companies, expanded its operating facilities and created a food business incubator for budding pioneers in the food industry. In 2018 Bon Foods was acquired by Icon Foods, Inc., further expanding Bon Foods co-packing and private labeling abilities.

Today, Bon Foods operates two manufacturing facilities and two distribution centers in the Portland, Oregon area with over 80,000 square feet of process and warehouse space.

Bon Foods   is a co-packer and co-manufacturer of a wide range of liquid and dry products in the food and supplement industries, ranging from a gram size package to a full size rail car of product, including beverages, sweeteners, sauces, dips, dressing,  specialty sugar products, syrups and related commodities.

Bon Foods Means Good Food